Experiences in Nampula

Island of Mozambique - Visit the island that gave its name to the country and from which it was the first capital. Due to its rich history, which can be admired by the very interesting architectural heritage, in 1991 the island was considered by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The island is divided into two parts, to the north, the "Cidade de Pedra", built in stone and lime and where are the main monuments and, to the south, the "Cidade Macuti", traditional building material made from coconut leaves. What you cannot miss: St. Sebastian Fortress and Manueline style Chapel N.S.ª do Baluarte, Palace-Museum and Chapel of St. Paul, Navy Museum; largo do coreto and statue of Vasco da Gama.
Distance from the Hotel - 190Km

Praia das Chocas Mar - Beach of fine sand, corals, coconut palms and fresh seafood. You can enrich the experience by practising on-site activities such as diving, walks and even boating to nearby islands.
Distance from the Hotel - 180Km

Fernão Veloso, Praia Relanzapo e Praia Matongo - Known as the beaches of the baobabs and considered the most beautiful beaches in the north of Mozambique, they have excellent conditions to receive visitors, who are welcomed with the songs of fishermen, who arrive from the sea. Here you will be challenged to use a dhow, the typical sailing vessel, to cross the bay; or scuba diving to watch the huge corals.
Distance from the Hotel - 190Km

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