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Welcome to Montebelo Vista Alegre Lisboa Chiado Hotel, Vista Alegre’s new hotel in the centre of Lisbon.

Located in the centre of Chiado, the hotel is just a five-minute walk from the Tagus River and very close to some of the city’s main attractions, such as Terreiro do Paço, Príncipe Real and Baixa Pombalina. Surrounded to art galleries, centenary cafés, museums, theatres, bars, restaurants and stores, its location is perfect to start your journey to Lisbon’s most iconic shopping and entertaining areas.

A meticulously restored historic building, the hotel’s reception area introduces the theme of design, with a large porcelain display complemented by two original Vista Alegre lamps. The staircase invites everyone to carry on exploring and is topped off by a skylight that floods the interior with Lisbon’s famous light. Inspired by the brand’s artistic and artisanal tradition, Vista Alegre’s artisans have hand-painted new original works from existing porcelain art pieces, creating a unique environment with a touch of fantasy.

The same design approach gives the 58 rooms and suites a personality all of their own. Each of the hotel’s three wings features a distinct theme. The rooms facing Rua das Flores, the rooms are decorated in floral motifs. On Rua do Alecrim, each room has a smell of rosemary, complemented with other natural elements. The rooms facing the larger Largo do Barão de Quintela are decorated with Vista Alegre biscuit porcelain pieces, with the suite retaining the original ornate stucco ceilings.

The Montebelo Vista Alegre Lisboa Chiado Hotel is a haven to enjoy the best that the city of Lisbon has to offer. A place where art, design and hospitality come together to create a truly unique experience in Lisbon’s historic centre.


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Its design, atmosphere, comfort, attention to detail and service make the Montebelo Vista Alegre Lisboa Chiado Hotel one of the most complete hotels in the region and one of the most exclusive in the country.

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